Welcome to the web page of the Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters of Saint Veronica Giuliani in Wilmington, Delaware. To know more about the history of Our Monastery, our work, or our way of  life please see the links in the top of this page. Please join us in prayer at our Chapel.  To see our schedule of Masses and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as well as the special events in our Oratory please visit the prayer link in the top of this page.





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Federation of Our Lady of the Angels

If you think God is calling you to the life of the Capuchin Poor Clare sisters or are interesting in knowing  more about our vocation, please visit the vocation link. 

“Pray and be always vigilant.  And the work that you began well, finish and the ministry you assumed, fulfil in holy poverty and sincere humility. Do not fear, daughter, God is faithful in all his words and holy in all his works, he will pour out his blessing on you and your daughters; and he will be your helper and your best consoler; he is our redeemer and our eternal reward”. ( Saint Clare)





Monastery of Saint Veronica Giuliani- Wilmington- DE
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