Called to the perfection of the Christian Life

Called with all of God´s people to the perfection of the Christian life, we continue remembering in this jubilee year a great woman, Saint Clare, who knew how to arrive at this perfection and who gives us an example of how to respond to the call of the Lord.  She was first of all, like the Virgin Mary, attentive to listen to the word of God.  She pondered everything in her heart and little by little discovered what was the will of God for her life and what path she had to take.  When she discovered what it was that God wanted of her, nothing detained her, she overcame all obstacles, conquered all barriers and walked the journey of Christian perfection until she arrived at holiness.

We know that we are all called to holiness, some by one road and others by another, but everyone has received the call to allow ourselves to be sanctified, for it is God who makes holy and we need to permit Him act in our lives.  He himself says “Be holy for I am holy,” and also “I have chosen you to be my own.”

Therefore since the life of holiness is to be of God and with God, we cannot reflect anything other than God, and our conduct will be nothing other than that of Our Lord Jesus Christ who came to serve and not be served, who gave us an example that we might follow in his footsteps.

Saint Clare followed fully these footsteps, walking in light by the lamp of faith, a strong faith capable of removing every obstacle until she arrived at her goal.  For this reason she is an example for us in today´s world.

Let us pray in this jubilee year of the consecration of our mother Saint Clare that her example will encourage us to continue to walk without weakening, and that nothing will hinder us in our desire to grow in holiness every day.

Sr. Luz María Leyva

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