By sr Luz Maria Leyva, president of the Federation of Our Lady of the Angels

Advent is a time to prepare for the coming of the Lord, a time in which God draws close to us, a time when we come closer to Him.  As always God takes the initiative in our human lives: He presents Himself to each one of us, calling us to a nearness to Him.

Advent is a time in which God gives us the opportunity to begin again, to straighten our ways and walk on the right path.  This path is the Lord, who says to us “I am the Way” (John 14,6), the way that the Blessed Virgin Mary shows us.  She who spoke her “Yes, let it be done in me according to your word “(Luke 1,38) is our best guide, and this is nothing better than to take her hand to arrive at the house of the Lord.

Let us prepare ourselves, then, for this coming of the Lord with an open heart and an attentive mind, to discover this hidden presence in every one of the events of our lives, in those people who surround us and within each of our beings.

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