VIII Centenary

A big celebration is coming: the VIII Centenary of the foundation of the

order of the Poor Sisters of Saint Clare. The celebration will start on the 18th of March, 2011 and will conclude on 11th of August 2012.

We give thanks to the Lord for the 800 years of the consecration of Saint Clare in the Portiuncula which took place on Palm Sunday 1212, and  marked the birth of the Order of Poor Clares.

On this special occasion the General Ministers of the Franciscan family addressed a special letter to the Poor Clares in which they expressed gratitude for the presence of God among all the Poor Clares that had lived the charism of Saint Clare through this 800 years: “The anniversary is not a commemoration of a glorious past” but an event that we remember in order to “to take from its history a further impetus to renew the will to serve the Church. What do we want to celebrate together is the memory of a rule or the memory of God’s story with you through time that still today gives you the passion ‘to observe the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, living in obedience, without anything properly your own and in chastity’”.

To prepare for this big event,  the council of the Federation of our Lady of the Angels, led by Sr Maria de Cristo, Fr. Bill and Sr Margarita, met last week at the Monastery of our Lady of Light, in Denver, CO. Sr Catalina Bañuelos was not able to come to the meeting, but gave very good contributions via telephone.

With hearts full of joy we give thanks to the Lord for calling us to live the charism of Saint Clare at the service of the people of God.

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