among each monastery and to create a better formation process for the sisters, especially the novices and sisters in temporary vows. Collaboration among the monasteries though communication, i.e., bulletins, newsletters and meetings is a goal of the federation.

Federal Assembly

The federation is governed by the federal assembly and, outside of the assembly, by the president and her council. Both the federal assembly and the president with her council are aided in their work by the spiritual assistant. The federal assembly meets in ordinary session every two years. The federal assembly is composed of the president and her councilors, the abbess of each monastery of the federation and two delegates from each monastery.

The Federation of Our Lady of the Angels of North America was approved by the Congregation for the Institute of Consecrated Life and Apostolic Societies on May 31, 1991.




Members of the Federation

Members of the federation are the monasteries of the Capuchin Poor Clares listed in the Decree of Establishment and other Capuchin Poor Clares monasteries that are admitted according to the norms of the Statues of the federation. These federated monasteries are admitted according to the norms of the Apostolic See and enjoy an absolute equality of rights and obligations.

Nature, Purpose, and Membership

The purpose of the federation is to create unity and fraternal bond

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Federation of Our Lady of the Angels