Our Lady of Light Monastery - Denver, Colorado

Establishing a community of Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters in the Mid-America Province was a dream that began at the Provincial Chapter of the Capuchin Franciscan Friars in 1986. At that time, then Provincial Minister Charles Chaput and his council were asked by the friars to actively pursue the establishment of a community of the Second Order. Upon hearing that the Capuchins were trying to establish a community of Capuchin Poor Clares in Mid-America, Archbishop J. Francis Stafford of Denver (now Cardinal in Rome), contacted Fr. Charles Chaput (now Archbishop of Denver, expressing interest in having the sisters establish their community within the Archdiocese of Denver.



In 1987, our community in Irapuato, Guanajuto, Mexico, agreed to establish a monastery in Denver. The canonical procedures were initiated to arrange for the new foundation. The President of the Federation and the Abbessof the monastery in Irapuato, came to Denver to meet with Fr. Charles Chaput and Archbishop Stafford and look at possible housing sites. The former rectory of St. Patrick's Church was chosen.


After a time of prayer and reflection, a group of sisters volunteered for the new foundation, and ten were selected to come to Denver to start the Monastery of Our Lady of Light. We left our home monastery in Irapuato and arrived in Denver the night of November 17, 1988 to start our new adventure of faith in the Mile High City.


During these first ten years, we have experienced joys and struggles, victories and losses, new life within the community, and the death of two of our sisters, but also the entrance of new members to our Community.


We support ourselves through the work of our hands; sewing habits for our Capuchin Brothers of two Provinces and baking and selling Clarisas Cookies. We enjoy the generosity of benefactors and friends.


Settled in our new country, we find ourselves happy to live our unique charism in this Church of Denver. The present is full of hope and open to a future that is in God's hands.




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