Celebrate with us the Transitus of Saint Francis

The Capuchin Poor Clares of Our Lady of Light Monastery will celebrate the Transitus of Saint Francis.

On October the 3rd The Franciscan family will be gather here at Saint Patrick’s Oratory to commemorate the passing to eternal life of Our holy Father Francis. Please join us in the celebration of this special event

The Transitus will be celebrated at St. Patrick’s Oratory at 3301 Pecos, Denver at 7:00 pm

O Santissima anima

O most holy soul,
at your departure the heavenly host comes to meet you,
the angelic choir rejoices and the glorious Trinity welcomes you, saying:
remain with us forever

“Two years thereafter he fell sick unto death, and was fain to be carried into the Church of St Mary-of-the-Angels, that he might give up the breath of life in the same place where God had breathed into him the breath of the life of grace. Being there (laid on the earth, sprinkled with ashes, and covered with an old habit,) he exhorted the Friars to be poor and lowly, and to cleave to the faith of the Holy Church of Rome. (He then caused the Gospel of St John to be read from the words Now before the feast of the Passover to the end,) after which he began to recite the 141st Psalm.
On Saturday evening, October 3rd 1226, the Little Poor Man of Assisi, knowing that Sister Death was at hand, asked to be placed naked on the bare ground. The grieving brothers consented to his wish, and he rested his hand over his chest to hide its wound from view. Then one of his companions, by Divine Inspiration, loaned him his own tunic, gently placing it over Francis. This delighted the Saint, for now he was truly Christ’s beggar, clothed in a borrowed habit. He was content to die in this perfect embrace of Lady Poverty. In the same way that he had begun his religious life divesting himself of his clothing before the bishop, he wished to finish his life despoiled of everything, in imitation of his crucified Master. Francis, insofar as he was able, broke out in praise to Christ.


As the final moments drew near, Francis invited the brothers to come closer, and softening his departure with consoling words, he encouraged them with fatherly affection to love God. He entreated them not to abandon the way of poverty, and he exhorted them to endure patiently the trials and tribulations that the Order would face in the future without him. Most importantly, he enjoined them to remain faithful to Holy Mother Church, giving precedence to the Holy Gospels before all else.


Finally, when all God’s mysteries had been accomplished in him, Francis, who had also loved his own to the end, in the company of his grieving companions, then gently passed from this world into the Heavenly Kingdom, as his holy soul was freed from his body and assumed into the eternal beatitude of God’s glory.

Sr. Teresa

About Sr. Teresa

I am a Capuchin poor Clare sister since 1983.