Sister Isabel went to meet the Lord

Sr. Isabel Valtierra, OSC Cap.



Our beloved sister Isabel was born in 1924; the third child of a family of 5 children. She entered the Order of Capuchin Poor Clares in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico in the year 1953 and made her profession in 1955. For many years she lived in the Monastery of Irapuato, fulfilling her contemplative vocation and being faithful to her daily duties as a cloistered sister.

In 1988 our community in Irapuato was invited to open a monastery in Denver, Colorado. Sr. Isabel was one of the sisters who volunteered for the new foundation. She was then 63 years old, but regardless her age, she had great enthusiasm and determination to be part of this new adventure.

 One of the distinctiveness of our sister was her ever present smile and her capability to interact with all kind of peoples. The language was never a barrier for her to communicate with others; she never learned English, but that didn’t stop her skills of communication. She was much loved by the community of faithful and friends around our monastery and beyond.

May she rest in peace!

Sr. Teresa

About Sr. Teresa

I am a Capuchin poor Clare sister since 1983.