In April our Holy Hour for the celebration of 800 years of Saint Clare´s vocation corresponds, with blessed timing, to Monday of Holy Week. 

This Sunday Jesus enters into Jerusalem mounted on a donkey in “sublime humility, humble sublimity” as Francis recognizes his Eucharistic Lord (LetOrd), and as Clare wrote of His incarnation: “O marvelous humility! O astonishing poverty!” (4LAg).         On Friday he exits the city on his way to Calvary, crushed down by the wood of His love poured out. But the night before His death, after his sacred meal with the apostles, Jesus begs them to “pray one hour” with Him as he prepares to utter the final “yes” to His heavenly Father.

How might we spend our hour with Him?  Kneeling in humble repentance, listening to His Gethsemane sighs, mingling our tears of sorrow with his sweat of blood.  Standing under and looking up to the Cross, to “understand” once again His unending love for us.  Embracing his dying body, our hearts bursting in gratitude, drawing near to His broken heart to be bathed anew in the blood of salvation.  Sitting in quiet solidarity with all who cry and suffer and yearn in this world for life, for dignity, for peace and goodness.

What might Clare our mother and sister say to us in this hour of watching with Jesus in this holiest of weeks?  

“Then reflect upon, at the surface of the mirror, the holy humility,

at least the blessed poverty, the untold labors and punishments

that He endured for the redemption of the whole world.

Finally contemplate, in the depths of this same mirror, the ineffable charity

that He chose to suffer on the tree of the Cross and to die there

the most shameful kind of death. 

Therefore that Mirror, suspended on the wood of the Cross,

warned those passing by that here are things to be considered, saying:

All who pass by the way, look and see if there is any suffering

like my suffering (Lam 1:12)” (4LAg).




Sr. Teresa

About Sr. Teresa

I am a Capuchin poor Clare sister since 1983.