St. Joseph & St. Rita Monastery - Alamo, Texas

Our monastery bears the name of Saint Joseph and Saint Rita because the Church is dedicated to Saint Joseph and a great part of the monastery has been built with donations from some benefactors who have a great devotion to Saint Rita.

For many years, Bishop Raymond Peña of the Diocese of Brownsville, Texas had been asking the northern federation of Our Father Saint Francis and the Immaculate Conception for a new monastery in his diocese.


The community of Zamora, Michoacán (Mexico) accepted the project. On May 26, 2003, we arrived in Brownsville. We were there for six weeks; then we moved to Raymondsville, Texas. There we stayed more than two years, living in the rectory of Saint Anthony Parish. Meanwhile the new monastery was being built in Alamo, Texas. The bishop wanted it to be in Alamo because Alamo is the city in the center of Brownsville diocese.


While the building of the monastery is being completed, the diocese has supplied us with food and support, but it has not been enough. So we have helped ourselves by making various things: cookies, scapulars, rosaries, bracelets, corporals and purificators. This provisional work will not be our main means of support as we plan to have another source of income in the future.


The Bishop's desire is to have in his diocese a contemplative monastery that has perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  Given that we are just a few sisters, a plan will be set up so that the laity can participate and in that way it will be possible to have adoration all day and all night.   


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